Why Indonesia is as good place as China for doing business

China is a global business leader and with a roaring gross domestic product that is one of the highest in the world, it cannot be discounted from any trade dealings. Moreover the population and the sheer size of the potential market make it a favoured destination for business among many countries. Although China is a communist country, it has chosen the path of liberalisation and today, it is one of the best destinations for foreign direct investments. In spite of the seemingly high local competition, many businesses are venturing into China, for the potential it offers. Even a 10% market share in China will give a huge number of businesses.

So, many investors and businessmen choose the country to do business. However what is not known to the world is that Indonesia is as lucrative a place as China. The population of Indonesia is in the magnitude of 250 million. It is the fourth most populous nation after, China, India, and United States of America. This ensures that the country has a large market. Moreover the business friendly policies of the nation make it an ideal candidate for starting businesses. In view of this, it is not an overstatement to say that allnote, in Southeast Asia.

Reasons for the preference of Indonesia over other countries

Strategic location of Indonesia is also a factor that plays to the advantage of the country. Even the trade routes through sea for China go through Indonesia. It lies in the equatorial region where the currents are massive. These currents can help the movement of ships and hence it reduces the shipping expenses. Indonesia is also rich natural resources and hence it is easier to get the necessary raw materials for the business of varied industries.

No other nation in the region has all the advantages that the country enjoys. The government in the country is also stable and there are many important ports in the country which will make it easier to transport the finished goods out of the country. The currency of the country is also fairly stable in the international arena which makes it easier to do business in the country.

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